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When it comes to addresses on historic houses or new houses in historic neighborhoods, I try to relate back to when Washington houses were issued addresses in and around 1870. I incorporate these house numbers in the transom or elsewhere in the traditional manner.  The House Number Lab is a historically accurate vinyl decal company that won’t break the bank to bring your house back into historical context where it should be.  

(source: Washington Post)


Shelly – Chicago IL

Just wanted to tell you we love the product, the instructions and the kit for installation. We are beyond satisfied!!

Allison – Arlington VA

Hello! I just installed my number and it looks fantastic! Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

Steve – New Orleans LA

Your product is perfect! I’m a general contractor and was looking for some nice numbers above a door transom.

Ike – Washington DC

We put them up the afternoon and think they  look great. I’m attaching a photo.

Adam – Newport, RI 

I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten from guests since the installation. Thanks again for providing such a great product.

Sandy – Brooklyn NY

Great DIY experience. The results look awesome and authentically “classic”. I’m very pleased and highly recommend them.

David Grubb – Berkeley CA

Thanks for the numbers. I am a restoration and remodeling contractor in Berkeley and looked into finding gold leaf numbers several times, over the last 15 years, with no luck. Now that I have found you I am determined to install a bunch of these.

Leanne – San Francisco CA 

I’ve been meaning to send you a photo to show how wonderful the numbers turned out. Thank you!

Jeff – NYC NY 

I was a little nervous about the installation but everything worked out just GREAT!!!

Paul – Lenox MA

We’re so happy to have found you. What a pleasure to walk up to before entering the house. Love it.

Steve – NW Washington

Looks great and we’ve already been getting compliments. Thanks for the great numbers!

Jessica – Seattle WA

Classic! Thank you.

Duane – San Francisco

We were thinking about getting transom house numbers but had no idea what our options were. You were the first thing that popped up in Google and I couldn’t believe my luck. We decided to go with you because of the quality of the work and the options.

Dan – Raleigh NC

These look great. I’ve been wanting these numbers for years but never found a good source for them. Very excited to find you!

James – Jacksonville FL

Just wanted to let you know that I’m very pleased. I’ll definitely recommend you to others in my neighborhood whenever possible!


Annie – Cleveland OH

I cannot thank you guys enough, for helping us to complete a home project that was being put off for far too long. All the supplies and resources you provided were extra great. Will recommend you to everybody. Numbers look great! Just what we wanted.

Faith – New Orlean, LA

Our shotgun style home here in historic New Orleans needed a finishing touch. Your numbers fit the bill. They look terrific.

Leslie – Washington DC

We love the numbers and couldn’t be happier! Will recommend you to others on our block. Thank you.

 and many, many more...